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Moulds (a.k.a molds) are found in varying levels the world over, both indoors and out. With few exceptions (such as hospital clean rooms), it is very rare to find no levels of airborne mould when testing is carried out. It is virtually impossible to get rid of moulds. It is instead necessary to manage mould levels to ensure that associated problems do not arise.

Mould becomes an issue as a result of excess moisture over time, whether from a water leak or sustained elevated relative humidity. Due to Bermuda's inherently humid environment, mould issues are very common and can be difficult to control. Prolonged exposure to moulds are known to result in health effects and may be persistent, not ease immediately after leaving the affected area as with other airborne contaminants. Asthma is particularly prevalent in Bermuda, and mould is a significant asthma trigger.

We are equipped to perform surface, dust, air sampling for mould.

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