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If you find that you are suffering from health symptoms in your home which improve when you leave the residence, the air quality may be a contributing factor. Poor indoor air quality can be a problem for all types of homes, whether in an urban or rural setting, and can be caused by many factors including:

  • Water damage or areas of standing water which can lead to mould growth on surfaces and release into the air
  • Occupants who are smokers
  • Storage of chemical cleaners, solvents or paint in the home, releasing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air
  • The presence of carpeting in the home, which can harbour pollutants such as dust, pet fur, mould spores and dust mites
  • Insect infestations which can lead to dispersion of droppings and body fragments
  • Infrequent opening of windows and doors, which prevents a good exchange of fresh air
  • New furnishings or fresh coats of paint in the home

IAQS can carry out assessments for each of these concerns and more, and help you to improve the indoor environment in your home. For a free preliminary e-mail or phone consultation, please contact us

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