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More and more frequently, facilities departments are required to address air quality problems in large buildings. However, there are still few education opportunities on-island regarding these issues, their causes, and solutions. IAQS offers presentations tailored to your business or building type for those parties who will benefit from the knowledge in order to improve their responses and solutions.

A thorough visual assessment of the building or buildings will be carried out by IAQS prior to the presentation. Information detailed during the presentation will therefore include examples of problems observed within your building. This will then will be provided in hand-outs at the end of the presentation. Practical demonstrations of general air quality testing with your own equipment can also be carried out if desired.

If you are interested in providing your employees with the necessary information to improve their understanding of indoor air quality issues, please contact us using the form provided to discuss your needs and pricing. 

Presentations will be offered in 1 or 2 hour slots, including Q&A time.

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