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The issues that cause indoor air quality concerns typically require more than a “quick fix”, which means that the remedial actions are rarely cheap. However, the solutions that IAQS can provide, along with continued support, can ensure that any work carried out will last for the long-term, and won't require lots of quick fixes which can quickly add up.

A preliminary on-site visual assessment is $150, and consulting rates are $175 per hour. Any extra costs for testing (if necessary) will be discussed with you prior to any work being carried out. For a free preliminary e-mail or phone consultation, please contact us

  • An initial visual assessment of the property provides an opportunity to gather information and discuss your concerns.
  • Temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide readings will be taken, along with any thermography and moisture measurements which may give an idea of the cause of the concern.
  • If testing is needed, the extent and cost will be discussed with you, and an estimate sent. Once this is approved, our consultant will return to the property to carry out testing.
  • A comprehensive report will be issued within 7 – 10 working days, outlining the findings of the testing, possible health effects, and efforts which should be carried out to improve, and maintain, satisfactory air quality.
  • To investigate health concerns of business employees or residential occupants
  • To give a pre- and post-remediation comparison, providing a measure of how effective cleaning has been.
  • Regularly scheduled IAQ assessment to monitor and quantify any changes in the health of an indoor environment
  • Recommending best practices for contractors and cleaning companies to follow
  • To act as an independent advisor/monitor. IAQS can provide an experienced assessment of your remediation contractors practices, and bring your attention to concerns early on in a project; saving you money in the long term by addressing issues early on.
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